In their own words….
I was deeply impressed with your hospital in Harar and your unselfish sacrifice on behalf of the people. Your work at Yemage Medical Center is truly noble. Thank you for joining the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in the eastern part of Ethiopia where diseases are claiming many lives.
Donald Yamamoto, US Ambassador
US Embassy-Ethiopia
Thank you very much for the comprehensive tour of this impressive facility. You are doing wonderful work for the people of Harar and I wish you every success with you expansion plans.
Janet Wilgus, Deputy Chief of Mission
US Embassy-Ethiopia
Sebri Omer's vision is amazing and I wish him the best in his endeavors to help his community.
Patricia Johnson, Cultural Affairs Officer
US Embassy-Ethiopia
Thank you so very much for your sacrifices. Your work is very inspiring and your commitment to make a difference in your homeland.
Glenn Anders Director US Aid
US Aid, Ethiopia
The vision that you and the other members of the Board have created and then developed, it is beyond comprehensions of most people until they go "in country" and see for themselves the need and the results that Yemage Medical Center has produced.
Laura B. Andrews, Director of Pharmaceutical Services
The Shepherdstone Development Team
My wife, Ruth, and I were very impressed with your life story and think it's wonderful how much you care for the people in your old hometown. We pray that your enterprise there will benefit from the publicity and that you will continue to grow and prosper.
Dana Parker, Buford, GA
Sebri, Wherever you are we are proud of you…Thank you for giving us a good model and we hope that this will make us more industrious, patient, self reliance and hard working people of Ethiopia.
"Selame" (on-line comment)
To be a great humanitarian like this gentleman, one doesn't need a college degree or a juicy connection, just a good heart. You're a visionary and a hero too many of your fellow citizens. May GOD bless your ways again and again. I will follow you brother.
"Elcad" (on-line comment)
You are a good example of what an Ethiopian is all about. God bless you and your family for your kindness and don't forget the MAMA land.
"Lula" (on-line comment)
Inspiring, selfless, Thanks.
"Solomon" (on-line comment)

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