A Special Message From The Founder of Yemage Medical Center

Why Yemage Medical Center Is Needed; Sharing For The People, By The People

Mr. Sebri Omer, Founder

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  •     I recently visited my childhood home in Harar, Ethiopia and the found medical conditions to be abysmal. It was then I decided to act upon this misfortune, and make a major contribution to my native land. My decision was to fund and build a new 53-bed hospital to serve all the people of that city. While it may not solve the total medical crisis that plagues this region, it is a significant beginning. I have a sincere desire to help the people of my native land.

    Although born and reared in Ethiopia, I decided to immigrate to America to escape the political climate. From Ethiopia, I first went to Djibouti, East Africa. It was from this country that I was granted the opportunity to enter the United States, and on September 26, 1980, I immigrated to America. My wife and I are now citizens of the United States. With our four American-born children, we live and work in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

    Recently, after 25 years, I returned to visit my childhood home, and my parents, brothers, sisters, and friends still there. I had read about the medical environment in Ethiopia, which was the main reason for my visit. Through my conversations and observations I was appalled at the poor conditions and recognized the need for modern medical treatment for the people. Physicians told me the main diseases plaguing the people of Ethiopia are malaria, yellow fever, AIDS, tuberculosis, to name a few. Because Ethiopian citizens do not have adequate treatment and medical facilities, countless children and adults have died from these diseases, and more are dying daily. The primary focus of my vision for a medical center focused on improving the overall health of the people through medical treatment, vaccinations, and education. Efforts such as these would assist the community begin to save lives and dramatically reduce disease burden in the country like Ethiopia.

    I vowed to become active and support a medical renaissance in the country. My vision graduated into the establishment of a new hospital, with the latest technological medical facilities and treatments. This is a significant move in the right direction. It will also encourage others to take similar steps to assist the people of this region. In this way, Ethiopians can help themselves and improve their health conditions.

    As you know Ethiopia is one of the greatest nations in the world, and the country needs all the assistance they can garner. It also has the second highest rate of HIV/AIDS disease in Africa. The people of this country are also known to be afflicted with high blood pressure, heart disease, malaria, and yellow fever, with all these diseases I have committed to the center to be the best in the area. At this time Yemage Medical Center provides a wide variety of medical services to the community; Inpatient, and Outpatient Services like Operational, Gynecological, Dental, X-Ray, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, and Ambulance services are now available to the people, in addition to a 53-bed inpatient room, and an In-Facility Restaurant. I am hopeful this facility will be a bigger facility to help the people of Ethiopian.

    I will be pleased to provide any specific information that you may require. If you have any questions, please contact me via email at the link located below.

    Sebri Omer
    Founder, Yemage Medical Center

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